All of us see the world in our own way. Our unique perspectives allow us to see the goodness and beauty of our friends, lovers, and children in a special light. Those rare business leaders who learn to see through the eyes of their teammates enjoy the ability to see hidden qualities in themselves and others.


Perspective is a brief, specialized training for bright, curious leaders from a variety of disciplines who see the value of seeing eye-to-eye with associates who view events and processes from very different angles.


Engineers from technology companies have applied our method to invent fresh patterns of communication. They produced innovations in a fraction of the time. Executives from large oil and gas firms adopted our approach to dissolve legal issues and facilitate harmonious mergers. Where diversity and skills training failed, improved perceptiveness provided a forum in which they discovered unexpected solutions and novel opportunities.


Sage Innovations provides the tools based on patterns of perceptive communication. Innovative companies recruit a few of their most promising leaders to reinvent those skills and put them into practice.


AI produces vantage points from drones, satellites, radar, liDAR, feedback, and specialized scopes that provide a tremendous tactical advantage on the playing field and the battlefield. Yet it is morale that determines the outcome of every contest, no matter the difference in the size of contestants, the capabilities of their weapons, or the sophistication of their devices. People are curious. Machines can’t match our adaptive perspectives.


The aim of business is to win without fighting. Tactics are the sound of defeat. Strategy never survives contact with the opponent. To win hearts and minds you will need to develop a profound understanding of human nature. Revolutionary methods come about when people face compelling challenges, together with action-based feedback.


Only a few contenders rise to the top of their fields. The rest go extinct as unexpected innovations render their organizations obsolete. Industry leaders typically seize markets by being less ineffective. Those who will lead the innovation revolution will aim higher.


Many athletes, artist, and leaders perform admirably. A few great ones transform how the game is played. You are fully capable of creating a paradigm shift in your field of endeavor. If you are ready for change, you are welcome to join us for this mind-shattering exploration into the nature of human intelligence.


Managers, marketers, inventors, scientists, engineers, investors, workers, and customers have one thing in common—all of them are humans who share essential goals and concerns. We map that terrain. We can explore the territory together.