Our Approach

Sage Innovations provides human dynamics and communication training for corporations and international businesses. We recruit the finest consultants from throughout Europe and America. Our team includes coaches, trainers, business leaders, psychologists, physicists, legal experts, nurses, doctors and supervisors. Our select consultants train rigorously for a minimum of four years to make sure that they can deliver the level of curiosity necessary to effective learning. We select pleasant people who demonstrate the highest integrity. You can be sure they will deliver a light, lively training that will make it fun and exciting to embrace a new spirit of cooperation. 


Our approach to training combines intellectual, experiential and instinctive curiosity. Your teams learn by doing. According to Plato, you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. We apply game theory with systems thinking to bring out the most valuable qualities in every individual. Our coaches and trainers entertain as they educate.


Over the long haul you will build your own teams and develop your own coaching culture. We show you how by providing compatible trainers, coaches, and mentors for key personnel.


Sage Innovations respects the philosophy of each company we serve. We don’t offer advice, criticism, or traditional formulas. Our specialty is setting up highly accurate feedback systems in the form of efficient team meetings that your company can adapt and use to suit your own aims.


Human dynamics are the most complex part of any business. Some of our senior trainers have been training professional coaches since 1980. You can spend vast sums on outside experts, or you can make a very reasonable investment to empower your people to set the pace in your field.