How It Works

Before you can lead people you have to understand human dynamics.


At every level and in each department of your business you will find people who command the respect of their associates. These are the messengers you will want to train. The better those influencers understand themselves and others, the more effectively they will set the tone that determines your success.


Top performers often achieve their power and position based on business or technical skills. Rarely do key people have superior skills for building effective teams. True communication begins with curiosity. As you deepen your experience of  visceral curiosity you will become aware of the blind spots in your system. Your teammates will assimilate the skills they need to view situations from multiple perspectives.


Instead of trying to change ideas and improve habits, effective leaders learn to read patterns of intent based on observable interactions. The Sage Communication Training employs delayed video feedback, quality circles and inner theater to create a direct experience of curiosity. Participants create special “lenses” through which they can notice when they light people up. As they stop projecting their views onto events and interactions, they create alternative ways to combine the talents of their teammates. 

  • Create new realities that solve recurring problems
  • Improve collaboration
  • Develop team-spirit
  • Reduce turnaround time for new products
  • Create gender and cultural harmony
  • Facilitate mergers

Typical training focuses on linguistic structures and conceptual problem solving. We take it up a notch by providing perceptual lenses people can use to overcome departmental, cultural, and diversity issues.


Our training sessions provide compelling experiences. People get an “aha” experience as they recognize gaps in their perception of subtle behavioral patterns. Entertaining exercises and feedback games enable teams to self-correct swiftly and efficiently. 


You can discover more about people in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.


An innovative blend of systems thinking and game theory is revolutionizing the way teams play. With the right education a team can cultivate intense curiosity that flows through every process and relationship in the organization.


Over several decades we have refined practical, playful ways of delivering effective feedback. The human brain rejects direct feedback because people have strong opinions. They feel an overwhelming need to be right. All living people exist because their ancestors for eons made the right choices in order to survive long enough to reproduce. Arguments and counter-productive actions that seem like resistance are actually forms of individual brilliance. Communication transforms individual perspectives into effective teamwork. 


Effective leaders who understand people can align disparate ideas into a cohesive strategy. They become the maestros who can orchestrate very different instruments into an aspiring concert.