Innovation Training

Curiosity is the source of great endeavors.


Peter Drucker noted that leadership has to see things the way they really are before they can make meaningful changes. No one can see everything accurately. But it is relatively simple to perceive successive approximation of reality. Increasing clarity gives you the vital edge in your field. 


It only takes a few days to get your people on the same page so they can relinquish their fixed opinions and disparate ideas in exchange for the ability to see actual events as they occur. When people find common desire, they focus together like great sports teams that ride a wave of team spirit. They give you something to work with. Innovation appears spontaneously in unpredictable patterns that create new business realities.


Our research reveals multiple curiosities that appeared with the discovery of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory. The new sciences are groundbreaking. But the development of imaginative thought experiments and systemic thinking that produced them portend creative disruption for the rapid escalation of innovation in this century.


Innovative companies grow exponentially. Organizations that imitate are doomed to decline. Inevitably they dissipate. A tree is dying from the moment it sprouts. The essence of your business is ebbing away from the moment you launch. When you see the process of dissipating structures, you can ride the waves of change.


Enduring systems find a way to adapt and reproduce. They evolve, even as the world around them dissolves. These are enduring processes that you can use to create generations of success. By cultivating a curious culture, you enable your teams to evolve by adapting to changes in the business environment.


Beliefs and concepts are overrated in business. Basic truths are self-evident. You can see them for yourself. Problems blind most business teams. Fortunately your key people can learn to notice changes right along with you. When that happens, unexpected innovations will appear.