Behind every great leader is a powerful mentor.


When you lead a company or own a business, you require profound knowledge of yourself and others. Sage Innovations provides business mentors whose experience and feedback can make the difference between success and failure. 


Human dynamics determine the outcome of every event in business. You can discern the governing dynamics in your game by learning to read patterns of communication between the key players. 


Every enterprise begins with good products and sound procedures. Most fail because people work at cross-purposes. People exert influence on leaders on many levels. Clarity fades. Leaders make costly decisions, or fail to seize opportunities.


Creative mentors listen from the heart to discern accurate perceptions. When the mind is clear, wisdom appears. The superior leader has two functions--to inspire teamwork and to break up intrigues. Together these competencies stem losses and increase profits. 


Sage Innovations is an affiliation of gifted leaders who specialize in people skills. Our mentors and consultants show you how to recruit the right people and lead them to high performance. 

  1. Wisdom trumps knowledge. Our mentors provide the wise counsel you need in the form of accurate feedback. We don't disperse advice or tinker with your business model. Rather we create perspective by putting other talented eyes on your situation.
  2. Superior radar and intelligence determine the outcome of every encounter. Our younger mentors circulate in your business so they can provide precise information to help you discern the difference between the words, actions, and intentions of key people. 

Information is cheap, knowledge is valuable, and wisdom is priceless. We can mentor the decision-maker, and provide patterns of communication that instill teamwork in the leadership team. 


Effective leadership creates high performance teamwork. We provide coaching skills, intelligence, and accurate feedback so you can do your job better.


To lead people you have to inspire them. The survival and success of an organization depend on a leader who communicates respect. When leaders exude confident joy that moves people, they can lead their teams to outstanding achievements.


A coach can inspire you and train you. It takes a mentor to restore the love of the game. 


The game of business is won or lost in the heart. When you look behind corporate publicity, only a small percentage of companies generate significant profits. Stakeholders respond to leadership that inspires results. 


Team spirit is as important to success as talent, capital, and infrastructure. After so many years of business coaching and training, we have developed the tools and the learning systems to make invisible currents visible and to reveal subtle messages that divide teams and hinder performance.  We show leaders and managers how to conduct aliveness so that every supervisor can orchestrate even the most complex transactions.


Our proven mentors show your leaders how to bring out the best in all the players and how to focus their attention on the team spirit that forms the essence of a winning team.