08. July 2024
The EU Economy - How low can you go?
Japanese business is booming on a scale not seen since the 1980’s. W. Edwards Deming introduced the quality revolution to Toyota in the 1960’s and to Ford in the 1980’s. Both companies outperformed all competitors. But Ford dropped the ball. When Don Petersen stepped down as CEO, the American giant returned to business as usual. But cost cutting and higher prices are not innovations. Meanwhile, Toyota and Lexus have been building the safest, most reliable cars ever constructed.
15. April 2024
Trust Your Timing
In high-performance games, timing is everything. In an instant you can miss the chance of a lifetime. True timing comes from a comfortable sense that you are in the right place at the right time. The degree of comfort you achieve in times of chaos determines your chances of success. One of our accountants achieved great prosperity due to a fortuitous encounter with a wealthy gentleman. The man offered to invest a large amount of money that paid high commissions. The accounting guy had trained...
08. April 2024
The Trust Factor
Back in the day Henry Ford and his wife Clara visited some employees of the Ford Motor Company. After seeing first-hand the deplorable poverty of the people who made him the richest man in the world, he more than doubled the wages of his workers. Shareholders and bankers bailed. They viewed his generosity as stupidity. As share prices fell, Mr. Ford bought the majority of his company back at bargain basement savings. The press had a field day predicting the downfall of the company. Instead...
29. March 2024
Feedback is easy to understand for anyone who has ridden a bike. If you lean too far left or right, you can recover your balance with a subtle turn of the handlebars which control the front wheel. Simple feedback lets you control the process of riding a bicycle based on actual performance rather than expected performance.
21. March 2024
Innovation Revolution
Middle European inventors and scientists gave birth to the Industrial Age and the Information Age. It remains to be seen who will usher in the Innovation Age.