Our History

When Sage Productions introduced our initial consulting and training programs in 1976 our programs were similar to those of other firms. Sage Innovations arose from a learning conference in 1998 that brought together thought leaders from a variety of disciplines with the aim to reinvent business for the 21st Century in light of advances in science and management breakthroughs in recent years.


Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine, Psychology Diplomate and former APA president Charles Spielberger, best selling author and professor of physics Fritjof Capra,  Futurist and IBM training director Sam Zigrossi, Physicist Dean Driebe led panel discussions with distinguished business leaders from major corporations.


Topics ranged from chaos theory, complexity and fractal geometry to the role of curiosity within adaptive systems. Since most of these researchers are usually associated with people from their own fields, discussions centered around the need to blend breakthroughs from various arenas.


The presenters explored the implications of dissipative structures on business organizations and teams, with a focus on what leaders should know about the process of change.


Business leaders today must understand people in ways that business schools have not yet explored. Seismic shifts in the global economy require a fundamental grasp of field theory as it relates to human dynamics and behavioral economics.


If you are responsible for leadership in an organization your awareness of complex governing dynamics multiplies your value to society and to the livelihood of the people you serve.


Humanity today is in the center of a cyclone—a revolution that is occurring of its own accord. Companies with superior piloting and navigation will survive and thrive.