Managers do things right. Leaders do the right things. – Peter Drucker


To lead people you have to understand them. Metamorphosis is the process of transforming companies by developing executives and engineers into leaders.


Nature transforms one-dimensional caterpillars into butterflies capable of multi-dimensional navigation. In this dynamic class, business leaders acquire profound knowledge of human systems. Each one gets incredibly accurate feedback over the course of this intensive 6-month online training. They expand the range of communication patterns necessary to build high-performance teams.

  • Learn to recruit, train, and inspire people to complete projects
  • Deliver corporate alignment across departments and disciplines
  • Discover pattern recognition to see invisible connections within the big picture
  • Master the role of dedicated, obedient cooperation to achieve team spirit
  • Synchronize teams to increase the pace of productivity
  • Solve problems, resolve issues, and create new opportunities as a team
  • Execute the vision of the CEO with enthusiasm and clarity
  • Increase profits by getting results in every department

Collective human intelligence is the engine of every great corporation. The complexity of human systems is the greatest challenge your leaders will ever face. Profoundly understanding other people and knowing yourself intimately is the key to great leadership.


Music, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, management, and other complex disciplines require a decade of intensive study, followed by lifelong learning. None of these specialists learn leadership or master the art of business. The finest executives cultivate deep friendships to win the loyalty of high-quality people. Effective leaders lead by example and excel by bringing out the very best in their people.


Humans are nature’s greatest achievement. Developing a leadership culture is vastly more complex than mastering mechanical skills. Leaders who can synchronize the intelligence of their teams become legends. Curious innovators who grasp the enormity of the human factor are creating unexpectedly successful organizations. Companies that design a leadership pipeline rise to the top of their fields.


Sage offers specific processes you can use to get it right. Metamorphosis provides 6 monthly weekend trainings along with weekly check-in sessions. For an extremely modest fee, we create an incubator for your future leaders. Their ability to coordinate multiple disciplines will determine the survival and success of your company.


Secure the future of your company by enrolling a few of your finest leaders in this continuous learning course. You can make an appointment for more information and to get a deeper understanding of the governing dynamics that propel human systems.




Before they were executives and engineers, your leaders were people who communicated in the common language of human experience. Figure 1 is a wheel of disciplines spinning within a wheel of essential business processes. As leaders from different fields practice the art of dialogue and curious inquiry, they meet at the core of their being to share information and inspiration. The whole organization achieves corporate alignment and team spirit.