Corporate Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is the process of transforming professionals into leaders, just as nature transforms one-dimensional caterpillars into butterflies capable of multi-dimensional navigation.   


No matter how talented or gifted you are with people, the complexity of human systems is the greatest challenge you will ever embrace. Profoundly understanding other people and knowing yourself intimately is the key to great leadership.    


Music, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, management and other complex disciplines require a decade of intensive study, followed by lifelong learning. The finest practitioners cultivate deep friendships with wise, intelligent people who awaken hidden value and qualities in them.   


Developing people is vastly more complex than mastering mechanical skills. Humans are nature’s greatest achievement. Leaders who can synchronize the intelligence of their teams become legends. You can master patterns of communication, both conscious and autonomic, by rehearsing pattern recognition with remarkable teams of accomplished specialists. Communication between disciplines and cultures can’t be controlled from the top down. Great leadership teams get the right people on the bus, cut the ones who can’t keep up, and cultivate multiple curiosities to create a sense of mission.  


Criticism, correction, debate, argument and coercion are becoming less effective in the age of the Internet. Coordination and cooperation today rely on new patterns of communication. Connection, observation, feedback, appreciation, yielding, and collaboration are creating the business webs of this century.   


Sage Innovations speaks directly to young leaders capable of navigating the new reality. Curious leaders who grasp the enormity of the human factor are creating unexpectedly successful organizations.   


Metamorphosis provides 5 monthly trainings via Zoom for 10 to 20 of your key people, along with a weekly check-in to keep them on track. For an extremely modest fee, we create an incubator for your future leaders. Their ability to coordinate multiple disciplines will determine the survival and success of your company.